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Architectural Castings

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a large range of casting patterns for architectural components. Many of these can easily be incorporated into canopies, verandahs or other structures. Adding a few cast components can turn a very ordinary metal structure into something much more attractive.

Only about half of our range is illustrated here, for the simple reason that drawing the more elaborate decorative castings is a major exercise! Every so often, we’ll add another page to the Architectural Castings pdf to cover the new arrivals.

Most of the designs shown are normally cast in LM 6 high-silicon aluminium – it’s strong, corrosion resistant and eminently weldable. Castings can also be supplied in grey iron, s.g. iron, bronze and brass.

If you’d like us to assemble a complete canopy, shelter or even a bandstand, we can do that as well.

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